Jun 16, 2017

peonies in june

I look forward to June every year the beginning of summer.  It is the month I get to celebrate Dave's birthday, and many other family and friends that I love so much and also because the Peonies are blooming. I would say that they are my favorite flower but my favorite flower is usually the one I am photographing at the time - so I will say they are one of my favorites. I love that they open quickly and one of my goals is to catch them on time-lapse video opening. I am fascinated that their centers are so amazing and that they change color as they age. 


  1. Lyn these are incredibly gorgeous! I love the way the light just kisses the edge of the petals. And I especially love the closeups!! Kind of funky with the wavy curly yellow petals.

  2. These are so, so gorgeous, Lyn.