May 31, 2020


This is "Friday" we are puppy raising her for Guide Dogs of America. She is the first puppy we have

 raised and we are learning so much from her! We are supposed to be teaching her but truly she has

 taught us so much already. 

We picked up Friday in November 2019 she was 8 weeks old.

Guide Dogs of America has a puppy cam on their website it just happened that I screen shot this to

 send someone to show them the puppy cam and it ended up being one with Friday in it!

A photo of "F" litter first puppy class. They start attending classes at 9 weeks. These are Friday's

 brothers and sister. Flicker, Fillmore, Frida, and Friday from left to right.

Doing some elevator training at the mall.

Puppy class training.

Stair training at the beach.

Relaxing after all those stairs.

 On our way to Descanso Gardens.

On our way home from Descanso Gardens.