Jul 9, 2017

by the way, i love calligraphy

 Finally July 7th came and I attended my first calligraphy workshop with Angi Phillips of AngeliqueInk. I have been practicing calligraphy on my own for a few years with books and tutorials so I had a small amount of knowledge about the general concept of the pointed pen and ink and couldn't wait to see what practical information was missing from my calligraphy.
 The workshop was my birthday gift and a fun girls night out with my friend. The presentation was beautiful with all quality supplies everything you need to get you started learning calligraphy.
We were given so much information on the importance of quality supplies and the difference it makes in you practice and where to purchase them.

This was my biggest and most important take away from the workshop, proper pen holding. I had been holding my pen wrong what a difference it made! So all the books and videos wouldn't have fixed that - which is why I find in person classes are so valuable. If you can afford a workshop and can get to the location it's a great, fun way to improve your skills.
Basic skills practice.
 This was a fun part of the class we got to pick a work and write it out in a way that matches the feeling of the word.

Just a few words about Angi, she is a great teacher so clear and concise with her instruction yet fun and very helpful.  Such a great evening I can't wait to get to her intermediate class.

Jul 1, 2017

31 day painting challenge

So grateful to the wonderfully talented people that share their knowledge by teaching classes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Creativebug and Creativelive two of my favorite places to learn. This is a 31 day watercolor daily painting challenge with Yao Cheng. She's amazing!