Jan 8, 2018

the benefits of "quoting"

I love posting my flower photos with soulful quotes but recently I started questioning myself why can I express myself with a quote better than using my own words? Am I hiding behind the quotes? I admit I am more comfortable finding a good quote to match the mood of my photo rather than trying to think of something meaningful to say.  It can take a while to find the exact quote I want and make sure I am not reusing a quote or misquoting but, it is definitely quicker than me trying to think of something to say about my photo. I don't think I am the only one with this situation I have noticed on social media some artists just post the photo and don't say anything or just ta brief description.  So even though I think I may be hiding behind my quotes, I have found all the quote researching has been very beneficial for me. (I love a good affirmation.) For example, reading quotes redirects my thinking to the positive, it helps bring about real change by getting into my deeper subconscious mind, and it can help calm and soothe me. For me I'll keep quoting and maybe occasionally find the right words to express myself.