May 21, 2017

grace is amazing

Grace is an AMAZING gift.  I am so thankful to do the things that inspire me and bring me joy.  At the mall a few weeks ago I spotted a sign in the window of a stationary store for a Brush Lettering class, I couldn't believe it because usually Los Angeles is the closest location to get any classes like this. When I was telling my friend about it she immediately said I want to take it too - I love that about good friends! I had only practiced calligraphy not brush lettering and didn't really know what to expect but I did know we would get a cool packet of ink, watercolors, and practice sheets. What a great evening full of plenty of learning and laughing. Brush lettering with a #1 or 0 size round brush is so different than a pointed pen - it's so much looser and more difficult to control (that's why I think I like it so much) just letting go and enjoying what the brush will do is very freeing. Just attempting our upstroke had us in stitches and at one point I looked over at my friend's 0's which looked more like googily eyes which she quickly tried to hide from the teacher who was walking around it was hilarious.  Seriously tho, I really enjoy practicing with the brush it's very relaxing.

When I look back at my practice papers from that night I can see improvement which is a great feeling and encouraging feeling.

 Two of my favorite brush letter IG's to follow are: Luminous Lines which is who taught the workshop and I really like the style of Linea Carta.