Jan 13, 2015

"The Like Switch"

I'm so excited about the release of "The Like Switch" by Dr. Jack Schafer. We are so honored to have done the photography for the book. We had so much fun photographing and listening to Jack as he directed the models. We not only learned so much we were all in stitches laughing all day. Jack is going to help so many people with their relationships using the tips and techniques in this book. Below our dog Camo is in the book modeling "The Head Tilt" If you haven't read it yet stop what you are doing and go get the book!

Jan 2, 2015

From Teri's Sewing Room

My friend Teri has a shelf full of these cool antique toy sewing machines and accessories in her sewing room - they needed to have their picture taken.  This is the Betsy Ross portable electric child's sewing machine. It was featured in the 1950 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog on page 104. It sold for $18.95  " Toy and Miniature Sewing Machine by Glenda Thomas"