Jul 24, 2016

Preserving the past

I was looking through magazines the other day and ran across an old copy of "Somerset Digital Studio"Autumn 2014. I remember keeping it because it had a free download of handwritten vintage text which I really liked. Sometimes I like adding text to my photos which got me to thinking how much I love running across a note, recipe, or card from my mom and seeing her handwriting. That got me to thinking what would happen if I used my mom's text to add to my photos, then I could see her handwriting all the time and enjoy it and preserve it. So I got out a few of her cards and photographed a few of her most recent sentiments. I scanned the text and cleaned it up in Photoshop using brightness and contrast and made brushes out of it and added the sentiments to a few photographs. After completing my photos I looked up the author of this article in Somerset and discovered I follow her on IG - small world!