Apr 30, 2019

helping you decorate your life with flowers

I opened a shop on my website because I have received some requests to purchase my art 

(thankful & grateful.) It has been a really fun project since Leah MacDonald (@leahwax1) has been 

mentoring me through it all. She is such an inspiration and so kind I have learned so much from her 

and will continue learning with my new projects coming up - wax painted flower portraits. 

It was exciting when the packages started arriving and seeing my art on products! 

I am offering fine art prints, fine art canvases, wood prints, and metal prints in various sizes for now.

Canvas Wrap

Wood Prints - Maple wood and the grain is visible thru the light areas. The wood gives it a warm feel.

Metal Prints

Mar 31, 2019

California Poppy Reserve

The California Poppy became the state flower in 1903 also known as "cup of gold." On the rural 

westside is the Poppy Reserve and each year the hillsides come alive with color, this year is 

especially beautiful because of all the rain.

Feb 25, 2019

Vitamin F - Flowers

How to get your daily dose of Vitamin f for flowers. We all know how amazing flowers are and how

they benefit our soul with their design and fragrance.  Flowers boost our mood, reduce stress, calm

and relax us,  we love to bring them inside to uplift our mood and set the tone of our home and office.

But, did you know floral photography can also be used to promote well being. So if you have

allergies and can't be around the pollen or don't have access to a garden you can still boost your

emotions with flower photographs. Many hospitals and wellness centers use wall art to promote

calmness, relaxation, and healing. photo by Lynda Mills Photography

Jan 10, 2019

frozen florals

I wish I could remember where I first saw frozen flower photography. it was a couple months

ago and I had to give it a try! I read a plastic container is fine to use the main thing is layering

and freezing as you go or the flowers will all float to the top. This is my first attempt and I can't

wait to try again. I love the textured look it gives and the endless possibilities.

Dec 29, 2018

PORTRAIT Jaquelyne

Strong, smart, and sassy yes STUNNING too. When Jackie reached out to me for some professional shots  for college I was thrilled, I have photographed her before and it's always a day of creative fun she is so gracious to allow me artistic license and she brings the best outfits! Since she also takes photography classes she is quite comfortable with what is going on behind the camera - it's great. I'm already planning for next time!

Nov 21, 2018

encaustic photography

The Arte Department 

Encaustic is an art form that dates back to 800bc.  It is a technique that uses beeswax and resin as a medium. The "caustic" part is because heat is used to fuse the layers of wax. Hot wax painting. I discovered this art by seeing a photo on Elizabeth Messina's IG feed. I dreamed of learning how to create photos like the ones I was staring at. My wildest dream came true when Leah MacDonald had a workshop at The Arte Department in Carpinteria hosted by Elizabeth Messina.

 Beautiful items in the gallery/boutique at The Arte Department.

 Hot wax, tools, and stencils for painting the wax on photos. 

I will remember Leah's words about how she creates her art to keep it intuitive and with no judgement. She is a master at teaching and her art is extraordinary.

 Leah explaining the best types of paper to use.
 Oil sticks to add color to the wax.

 My first photos. We were given Elizabeth's photos to use.