May 10, 2021

Canon PIXMA Pro 100 Printer

I started printing my own work and I really love it thanks to this Canon PIXMA Pro 100. It is the

best printer I have used to get true colors that match my monitor and beautiful black and whites.

This printer has really been cost effective and uses my favorite fine art Hahnenuhle paper. There

is something so cool about watching your prints develop right before your eyes maybe not as cool

as dark room developing but a close second.


Apr 26, 2021

The Flower Fields

This was my first visit to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA. I have wanted to go every year but things 

always came up but this year we were able to get there in April - it is really a sight to see rows and rows

and rows of ranunculus flowers in all colors! There are also plenty of other flowers there to see as well.


Mar 11, 2021

iPhone B&W Florals

I had a couple of bouquets of flowers that were in beautiful shape but we 

were leaving for vacation so before taking them out of their vases and setting

them to dry I had to take more photos so I grabbed my iPhone and set it on

Portrait Mode - Stage Light Mono


Feb 12, 2021

Simply Wildflowers

While putting together the Wildflower series of prints it reminded me of the day we went in search of wildflowers to photograph. It was a cloudy and raining a little but not enough to keep the flowers closed. We found them along the side of road next to the hills and mountains. 


Jan 25, 2021

Floral Photos for the New Year

Starting the year with flower photos that will become a series painted with hot beeswax. 


Dec 24, 2020

B & W Wax Painted Flower Series

Working on a black and white flower series that I will mount on aluminum and paint with wax. They will 

be so light weight and easy to hang on a wall.


Painted with wax ready to hang.