Jan 10, 2016

Calligraphy wrapping paper

On my previous post I mentioned I was practicing calligraphy, this is my first attempt at adding it to wrapping paper. I used a kraft type wrapping paper and practiced on a small piece first to determine if my ink would run. When I saw that it actually worked pretty good and didn't bleed, I measured out a larger sheet and with a pencil and ruler drew out diagonal lines to use as guides. After completing all the inking I erased the guide lines. I used a Nikko G nib and a General pen holder with Higgins Eternal ink. It was a little intimidating and I had to focus on just writing out the word I couldn't think about almost getting to the end and misspelling love or messing up! A really fun way to practice words and get a personalized wrapping paper. You can choose any word, or name, or occasion the possibilities are endless.

Jan 1, 2016

Hello 2016

I've always loved to practice handwriting and cursive. As a kid I would practice and doodle letters for hours so I am finally making time to learn modern calligraphy. I am so grateful to all the talented calligraphers that are willing to teach their craft and help others learn. While on IG the other day I found The Postman's Knock this is one of her alphabets that I have been practicing so my goal is to create my own alphabet and incorporate it into my flower photography. If you have an interest you have always wanted to pursue it's a great time to begin.