Dec 27, 2017

Purposeful Bits of Paper

We were in Pasadena the other day having lunch for our anniversary. We didn't have time to go to a big botanical garden so we found something a few minutes up the street. Arlington Gardens was the perfect place to stop, it was a beautiful and warm almost winter day and the sun was just setting. The best part of the garden trip was finding the Wishing Trees, trees filled with charming bits of paper with meaningful wishes shimmering in the sunlight. There was a sign under one of the trees saying inspired by Yoko Ono. The trees were created by Yoko Ono at One Colorado in Pasadena where they collected 80,000 wishes that were collected and sent to Yoko Ono to include in the Imagine Peace Towers in Ireland. The trees were then planted at Arlington Gardens where they remain and are once again filled with wishes. 

Wishing you a life full of happiness ahead, dear friend.

Nov 28, 2017

Discover What Recharges You

How do you recharge your batteries when you are drained? Definitely a beautiful day spent in nature with my camera is my favorite way for me to get back to my best self. This was a gorgeous Sunday in Tehachapi about 75 degrees outside, probably the warmest it will be here until next spring. It was late afternoon and the light was perfect. I'm using my Olympus Pen F that I have had for about a year and just love it when I don't want to carry my heavy Nikon and big lenses.

Oct 23, 2017

over and over I fall for you

fall flowers


 beautiful weather

 gourds and corn

 leaves changing colors

fall a season of calming change