Feb 24, 2018

French General with AugustWren

Persistence paid off for me with this workshop. I first saw the Creative Painting workshop with Jennifer Orkin Lewis (AugustWren) advertised in November and it filled up so fast I didn't make it in. And, everyday I would check their website and see the workshops were closed. One day I was getting my hair done and doing my daily checking when I noticed it didn't say closed and I was allowed to get in. I was thrilled there must have been a couple people that cancelled. The shop is so cute with vintage everywhere! So many cute embroidery projects and fabrics to choose from. I had a tough time deciding whether I wanted to paint, sew or take photographs.

Literally a whole wall filled with jars and different beads and buttons.

Lovely flowers for us to use to paint.
 All that beautiful fabric!

 The amazing AugustWren Jennifer Orkin Lewis! She taught such a great lesson about painting florals. She is so talented you can find her work at Anthropologie. 

We did some timed painting for practice.
 Jennifer's samples.

My final bouquet.