Mar 24, 2018

Tulips in a Jar

I was shopping at Costco the week before Easter and really wanted some tulip bulbs to plant when I saw hydroponic tulips in a jar from Holland (Bloomakers.)  I hadn't thought about hydroponic plants since my days in college in my Botany class. Luckily there was a man next to me looking at the tulips as well and said he bought them last year and they were just beautiful so I trusted his review. They did not disappoint - they were flawless and so easy to take care of just keep the water level up to the roots so simple. It was incredible watching them develop and bloom right before my eyes. Now I have to decide whether to chill them for a few months to see if they will bloom again. Sometimes hydroponic plants don't have enough nutrients to bloom a second time but its worth a try I think.