Mar 5, 2017

a path of fulfillment

I knew I wanted to do something that captured my interest like nothing else, I knew I wanted to create from home, I knew I wanted my creation to bring peace and comfort to others. I have tried every hobby that sparked my interest, at 8 my mom taught me to knit, I love to knit but that's not it, at 10 my aunt taught me to embroider, I love to embroider but that's not it. I have tole painted, scrapbooked, crocheted, rug hooked, and quilted to name a few.  I tried so many hobbies but many of them didn't last - I didn't have the desire I was craving something I had to do everyday and it didn't matter whether I made money doing it or not.  I remember being at yoga class every Saturday and during quiet time asking the question to myself what is my dharma. I would just ask the question and keep trying every hobby that called to me.  
 I made the decision to start photographing flowers after watching a class on creativeLive by Kathleen Clemons she is a photographer and photographs beautiful flowers.  I had to give it a try I did it to have something of my own. I helped my husband photograph weddings, events, and portraits. He has his thing of photographing fires for LA Co Fire,  I wanted my own personal work. After all I took Botany in college I had an interest in flowers and plants it just made sense.  I wanted something I could photograph that I didn't need to work around someone's schedule - something I could do by myself whenever I wanted.  When I started photographing flowers I had no idea how this would become exactly what I had been searching for, something that brought me the joy and comfort I wanted to provide to others with my work.
 When I read the post today from Think, Grow, Prosper it was exactly the right advice about finding passion. "Don't worry about finding your "passion." Instead, start by acting on the small things that excite you or spark your interest each day.  These are the threads that will connect you to a path of fulfillment." ~ Ruben Chavez

I still give in to trying new things that capture my interest. Right now I am learning calligraphy and watercolor. There are great classes on Creativebug that I have found. But all this for another post. My flower photos always come first it gets me grounded for the day.

 I think of my blog as a visual path leading to where I am today.