Dec 10, 2016

A peaceful stroll through Descanso Gardens


Life is so funny - when I was in high school my best friend, Teri, and I would hang out at Descanso Gardens.  I know it isn't a likely hang out for most teenagers but she had a brother that lived very close to the gardens and we would stop all the time to enjoy the flowers and the bird sanctuary. Believe me we spent our fair share of time at Toluca Lake Bob's Big Boy and the Pickwick stables but the gardens have come full circle for me.  After many, many years I started going back to the gardens this time with my husband and our cameras. We try to visit a few times a year to catch all the different flowers blooming through out the changing seasons. It's still one of my favorite places to hang out and I think of my friend every time I return.  I am so happy to add to this blog post due to some recent news regarding my friend that I went to Descanso Gardens with. I was cleaning out my desk drawers and found a folder with old photos in it one of them was my friend's senior picture. I quickly checked the spelling of her name again and searched for her on Facebook. I went to message her and saw an old message sitting there from 2 years ago that she had contacted me! So I sent her a new one and we are now Facebook friends, I am thrilled and hope to see her soon.